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Links Manager. Small and medium sized business rely on link building as a branding and traffic building function. When you build links naturally with LinksManager, link popularity rises directly improving your search rankings and traffic. LinksManager generates One Way Links because you maintain full control over which links you link back to. Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Codes available for Ethical Link Management for SEO
Link  Building
Online Marketing
Beverly Hills, MI  
Ethical Link Management for SEO

Online Community Websites from Ethical Link Management for SEO
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The contact person we have for Ethical Link Management for SEO is Link Building and the location is Beverly Hills, Michigan. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of Michigan that they offer their products and services.

This information was last updated on 05/13/2015 . Ethical Link Management for SEO is categorized in Online Community Websites. Login HERE to update the details if you are the responsible party for this company. Opportunites to enhance your listing are also available.

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We accept interesting articles for our network of blogs.  If you have an interesting article related to Michigan and would like it featured on the Michigan Blog - Contact us for details.

Visit our new Michigan Travel section to learn more about the beauty of Michigan's Great Outdoors.

Learn how you can link directly to the Ethical Link Management for SEO listing on the Michigan Business Directory and gain more online exposure.

Ethical Link Management for SEO

Patented Editor-Based Technology - Ethical by Design

LinksManager is the world’s only patented, 100 percent search-engine compliant link-management solution. Beware of imitators claiming their products are search engine friendly. Only LinksManager’s patented, proprietary, editor-based technology truly conforms to all search-engine and best-web practice guidelines.

For more than ten years, webmasters have relied on LinksManager’s time, effort, and-cost effective system to maximize the traffic-building power of their linking initiatives. Today, thousands of sites – every one of them indexed by major search engines and the vast majority ranking in the top ten for their primary keywords – feature link pages created, managed and maintained with LinksManager's simple Control Panel and powerful features.

Fast, Easy Account Setup
No Software to Download or Install ... Ever - LinksManager is a hosted application service, no upgrades or patches are ever necessary. 
Use Anywhere - LinksManager can be managed from any web browser with internet access. 
Fast, Easy Setup - Step-by-step wizard makes initial account configuration a breeze. 
Simple Link Integration - Migrate current links to LinksManager without retyping or recoding. 
Seamless Style Integration - Intuitive cosmetic controls simplify matching links pages to your site’s overall graphics theme. 
Free 24/7/365 Personal Support - We will have your account up and running in one business day or less and our full-time, fully trained U.S. based help desk staff will see it stays that way. 

Editor-Based Link Management
You’re Always the Boss - LinksManager’s editor-based technology saves you endless hours of drudgery while leaving you in full control over what, how and when links are added to your site. Quickly add, edit or delete links from your account with just a few clicks . 
Scalable Category Editor - Organize links into an unlimited number of meaningful groups based on your specific criteria. Use as many categories and subcategories as you want in any hierarchy or layout. If you can dream it, LinksManager can do it. 
Customized Link-Request Form - LinksManager is centered around a customizable link-request form which uses patented technology to receive link requests and queue them for your approval. 
Linklets™ - Unique to LinksManager and requiring no coding on your part, the Linklets scripting language enables complete graphic customization for maximum flexibility in displaying links in content, ads, or other specialized formats. Here’s the best part, the LinksManager support staff will write the code for your Linklet at no charge. 
Instant Search - Quickly find any link in your account. 
Graphic / Banner Link Control - Allows your link partners to submit graphic and banner links that meet your specified graphic specifications and size limits. 
Auto Screenshots - Alexa-style auto-screenshot feature enhances your site and increases its link-partner “curb appeal” by displaying images of linked sites on your links pages. 
Freedom from FTP - Automatically publishes modified or updated links pages to your server anytime they change, freeing you from manually uploading files. 
LinksManager Toolbar - Instantly add or reject links while you browse the web. 
Top Links Lists - Automatically order links based on popularity or create "featured” links based on your specific criteria. Great for showcasing specific links in a unique, eye-catching way. 
New Links Graphic - Automatically highlight new links with a graphic of your choice. 
Secure Webmaster Access - Your link partners can specify a password so they can make future modifications to their links. 
Link Expiration - Automatically flags or removes specific links after a pre-selected date. 
Full Import / Export Support - Easily transfer data between LinksManager and CSV, XLS, or plain text files. 
Custom Link Request Fields - Need non-generic information from prospective link partners? Have our 24/7/365 support team add site-specific fields to your link-request form. (May require additional fee depending on the complexity of your needs. Contact LinksManager support for a free no- obligation assessment). 
ResponseRank - Shows you which sites respond quickly to link requests. 

Communications Made Simple
Express Emailing - Since link requests require contact between you and the other webmaster, we’ve built advanced email capability into every element of LinksManager. Your link partners will automatically receive a "your link has been submitted" email after a link request is submitted, a "your link has been approved" post when you approve their link, and so on. These and all other emails are fully customizable, making it a snap for you to include instructions, contact information, or add personal greetings or other touches! 
One Click, Many Recipients - Maybe you want to announce a change in your link-acceptance guidelines or distribute a new banner graphic. Custom Email Notifications allow you to reach all your link partners with one mouse click. A huge time saver, especially for custom directories or unique portals! 
Time-Saving Link Checking
Advanced Reciprocal and Dead-Link Checking - Only LinksManager spiders your link partners from their home page to ensure there’s a navigation link from the home page to the page hosting the link. Unlike other so-called link-management applications, LinksManager automatically hunts down and notifies you of fake links, nofollow links, third-party urls, dead links, and other chicanery. 
Automatic Link Rotation - At your option, LinksManager will automatically rotate the order of your links to insure equal visibility for all your link partners. 
Automatic Publishing
LinksManager supports multiple publishing formats to meet individual needs. Simply choose File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Subdomain (CNAME), or I-Frame and let LinksManager do the rest. Not sure which publishing format is best for your site? Check out our Webhost Compatability Guide. If you don’t see your webhost in the list, contact us and we’ll add it . 
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - Use this option to have your link pages published on your own domain ( Both standard and Secure FTP are fully supported and you control filenames, directory location, etc. LM FTP is fully customizable and easy to setup or, if you prefer, our support staff will setup your FTP controls at no additional cost 
Subdomain (CNAME) - CNAME (the Domain Name Service term for subdomain) allows your pages to be published on your domain ( in the event your host does not support FTP. CNAME subdomains are fully supported by search engines (both Google and Yahoo use subdomains such as ( and and can be implemented – at no additional cost – by simply contacting the LinksManager help desk. 
I-Frame - While most webhosts support either or both FTP or Subdomain (CNAME), a few don’t. If yours doesn’t, LinksManager’s I-Frame integration displays your link pages in a transparent frame built into your website ( Our support staff will setup your I-Frame integration at no additional cost. 
Not sure which integration method is right for you? Call us and let our professionals help you determine what’s best for your website?

Dropping The Hammer On Spammers
Spam is the bubonic plague of today’s internet nation. While nothing, including linking, is totally immune from it, LinksManager is packed with spam-busting tools to protect your site while saving you time, money and aggravation. 
Link Spam Filter - Built into the email sent to prospective link partners after they request a link with your site, Link Request Activation checks for valid, working email addresses to block link spam. 
Automatic Denials - LinksManager’s exclusive Keyword Blacklist feature lets you quickly and easily deny link submissions which contain specific keywords, URLs, email addresses, etc. For example, if you don’t want to receive link requests from casinos just place the word "casino" in your blacklist and the link request will be auto-denied without disclosing the blacklisted keyword. This feature is also great for blocking spammers who use a specific domain name or email address. (You can add or remove entries in your blacklist at any time.) 
Black-Hat Busting - Our patented editor-based design makes it technically impossible to use LinksManager for spamming, email harvesting, auto-linking and other disreputable practices. 

Built-In Search Engine Optimization
Search engines know that unless you’ve developed a cure for cancer or been elected President your site will not get hundreds of links overnight. Because Googlebot and the other SE crawlers want and expect quality links to be added to your site gradually and naturally over a long period of time, LinksManager is fine-tuned to facilitate slow, steady and relevant link building. 
Ethical by Design - LinksManager is engineered to uphold ethical link-exchange guidelines published by the major search engines. 
Deep Linking Capable - Easily create back links to relevant internal web pages. 
Meta Tags & More - Retain full control over link pages’ title tags, meta tags, page file names, etc. 
W3C Compliant - LinksManager’s static HTML pages use only basic, universal, W3C compliant coding standards. 
Full CSS Support - LinksManager fully supports CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 
Robots.txt - LinksManager is 100 percent Robots Exclusion Standard (robots.txt) compliant. 
LinkBlogs - Mini information “blogs" below your links add dynamic content to link pages and make them more informative to both end users and search engine spiders. 
Google PageRank - To help you make add/remove link decisions, site PageRank is automatically displayed on Pending and Active link lists. 
LinksManager: First Choice of Professional Link Builders, SEOs, & SEMs
Multi-Account Manager - A single-screen VID (Very Important Data) snapshot of all of your client's accounts including the date of last login, number of pending link requests, reciprocal link ratio, and more. A professional link builder's time-saving dream! 
Respected and Trusted - LinksManager is trusted by more professional link builders, SEOs, and SEMs than any other link-management solution. Thousands of these pros have been using LinksManager with great success for more than ten years. If you’re still managing your clients’ link- building program with Excel you’re wasting time, dollars and your talent. 
Full Reporting
Daily Activity Graph - LinksManager’s exclusive My Linking Report gives you a graphic, month-by-month representation of your account’s daily activity. It’s great for analyzing your own results or providing useful information to clients. 
Event Reporting & Restoration - Integrated reporting and action logs provide precise tracking of account events. You can even restore deleted links right from your activity logs. 
What, When & Where Report - An easy-access click summary reveals what links were clicked, when they were clicked and what IP address the clicks came from. 
Keyword Analysis - LinksManager’s Search Summary tabulates and details your links pages’ most popular search keywords and terms. 
Don't Have Time to Manage Your Account?
Managed Service - If you’re truly strapped for time, LinksManager's professional link-building staff will manage your account for a nominal fee. Great for Physicians, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, and other professionals who need more than 24 hours in the day. 
24/7/365 Personal Support
Free Support Helpdesk - LinksManager's free web based Support Helpdesk tracks all of your inquiries and routes them to the best representative. Most support tickets are responded to same day or next business day. 
Knowledgebase - For those do-it-yourselfers, the LinksManager Knowledgebase details every feature throughout the system. 
How-Do-I Guide - For beginners, this guide shows new users step-by-step how to complete simple tasks such as approving a new link, modifying a link, or deleting a link. 
Discussion Forum - Our sister site, hosts discussion about linking strategy and more. 

Get 30 Days Free! 
Try LinksManager for 30 days free at no cost to you. If you don't think LinksManager adds solid value to your website, you can cancel service at any time. After the 30-day trial ends, continue to use LinksManager for $29.95 $12.95 a month (less than $1.00 a day), or get one month free service for each user you refer! Refer two users, get two free months. Refer ten users, get ten free months, etc. LinksManager offers free account setup and 24/7 support! Click here to sign up today and take advantage of qualified website traffic by linking with other sites similar to yours.

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