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How Genesee County's name originated:

From a Seneca (Iroquoian) word; -je-nis-hi-yeh;- meaning -beautiful valley-:  the county was named after the valley in western New York State from which many area settlers came.Genesee County Official Website:


Genesee Population Trends

2010 Census Total Population: 425790
2015 Population Estimate: 412895
Population is Declining!

CLICK HERE for more population and demographic info.

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Genesee County Cities, Businesses, Events, Schools & More

Atlas, Michigan Burton, Michigan Clio, Michigan Davison, Michigan Fenton, Michigan Flint, Michigan Flushing, Michigan Gaines, Michigan Genesee, Michigan Goodrich, Michigan Grand Blanc, Michigan Linden, Michigan Montrose, Michigan Mount Morris, Michigan Northeast, Michigan Northwest, Michigan Otisville, Michigan Swartz Creek, Michigan

Genesee County Michigan Cities, Maps, Business / Travel Genesee Cities

Find geographical features, schools, parks etc.. by Michigan County

In some cases (for example for "Forests"), our mapping system will show all features in Michigan on one map.  If a County is not selected and we have too many features (as with Hospitals) to show on a single map, the county will default to Wayne County, Michigan.

Airports --Genesee Interactive Map with Airport Locations Churches --Genesee Interactive Map with Places to Worship / Church Locations Mines in Michigan / Interactive Map with Mine Locations
Bar or Shoal -- Interactive Map with Bars / Shoal Locations Civil Buildings --Genesee Interactive Map with Civil Entity Locations Oil Fields in Michigan Interactive Map with Oil Field Locations
Bays --Genesee Interactive Map with Bay Locations Dams -- Interactive Map with Dam Locations Parks --Genesee Interactive Map with Park Locations
Beaches -- Interactive Map with Beach Locations Falls in Michigan Interactive Map with Water Fall Locations Reservoirs in Michigan Interactive Map with Reservoir Locations
Bridges in Michigan / Interactive Map with Bridge Locations Forests in Michigan / Interactive Map with Forest Locations Schools --Genesee Interactive Map with School and Educational Facility Locations
Buildings --Genesee Interactive Map with Building Locations Harbors in Michigan / Interactive Map with Harbor Locations Streams --Genesee Interactive Map with Stream Locations
Canals --Genesee Interactive Map with Canal Locations Hospitals --Genesee Interactive Map with Hospital and Medical Facility Locations Cliffs, Summits, Mountain and Hill Ranges in Michigan Interactive Map with Summit Locations
Capes --Genesee Interactive Map with Cape Locations Islands --Genesee Interactive Map with Islands Swamps --Genesee Interactive Map with Swamp Locations
Cemeteries --Genesee Interactive Map with Cemetery Locations Lakes --Genesee Interactive Map with Lakes and Water body Towers --Genesee Interactive Map with Tower Locations
Channels -- Interactive Map with Channel Locations Military Entities in Michigan / Interactive Map with Military Locations Trails, Hiking --Genesee Interactive Map with Public Trail Locations
Post Office -- Interactive Map with Post Office Locations Cities, Villages in Michigan / Interactive Map with County Cities Shopping, POI --Genesee Interactive Map with Points of Interest

Genesee County, Michigan Weather

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Genesee County, Michigan Weather :: 34F OVERCAST


Forecast for Overnight

Turning overcast with winds from the eastnortheast at 8 mph.

Forecast for Morning

Overcast with winds from the east at 8 mph. Changing to light rain and overcast skies with winds from the southeast at 9 mph.

Forecast for Afternoon

Overcast and light rain with winds from the southeast at 9 mph. Turning fair with winds from the southsouthwest at 17 mph.

Forecast for Evening

Fair with winds from the southsouthwest at 17 mph.

Forecast for Overnight

Fair with winds from the southsouthwest at 17 mph.

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