Michigan Ranked in Top 10 up and coming Wine Countries!

Michigan wine country is  largely undeveloped say’s CNN, comprising just 100 or so small- to medium-sized wineries in Michigan and just less than 3,000 acres of wine-producing vineyards.

“Yet the new wines coming out of this undervalued region — particularly those from the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas — are fantastic.”

We at MichiganBusiness.us would have to agree – great Michigan wines, undeveloped vineyards and lots of potential for expansion.

Standouts include semi-dry German and Alsatian varietals like riesling (Michigan’s most widely planted grape).

Other dry white wines like sauvignon blanc,  pinot grigio and chardonnay are consistently bright and crisp across Michigan, and very good value.

Chateau Grand Traverse or Black Star Farms – Old Mission are great examples of the wonderful wineries across Michigan.  Be sure to take a fall winery tour and tasting this autumn!