Free Marketing for Michigan Businesses – What’s the catch?

To date, over 50,000 small businesses in Michigan have taken advantage of the free marketing opportunities on the website.  With 10’s of thousands of visitors per day and a easy-to-use mobilized site, we often get asked the question – What’s the Catch?

To answer that question, we have to go back over a decade and a half in time.  Nicayla Enterprises developed the Michigan Business Directory in 2000 to serve as a “perk” to the company’s clients.  Only Nicayla’s clients were listed and were benefitted by the directory.


Over the years, the directory was opened up to all businesses for free listings because the more listings, the more clients benefitted.

Today – the Michigan Business Directory has expanded to list every single school in the state, over 50,000 travel POI’s and destinations in Michigan, Michigan county demographics and a slew of other facts, places, coupons and interesting Michigan information.

The owner of the Michigan Business Directory, Mary Joyce, maintains the directory as passion, constantly adding new features.

If you enjoy the directory or even obtain one extra client from our hard work, we really appreciate donations, as it helps to pay for the hosting and new features.

That’s the catch … there is no catch!