Michigan Disc Golf Courses spell FUN!

Disc golf in one form or another has been with us since the beginning of time.

The early cavemen in their search for weapons to extend their ability to slay food probably found rocks before clubs. (If they could kill something from a safe distance it would be much safer than a club or a sharp stick.)

Disc Golf has evolved into a relatively inexpensive, super fun recreational medium and courses are popping up all over Michigan.  Please visit our course directory listing courses by county.

The benefits of disc golf are numerous.

  • For parks, the sport provides quality recreational opportunities and attract new users the park system.
  • For players, the sport can be played at any age, provides a healthy outdoor activity and is inexpensive.
  • The learning curve is relatively short to get started
  • Equipment can be as inexpensive as a 3-pack disc golf set from Amazon.

Disc Golf Courses by Area

  •  NW Lower Peninsula: 39
  •  NE Lower Peninsula: 14
  •  SW Lower Peninsula: 51
  •  SE Lower Peninsula: 111
  •  Upper Peninsula: 19
  •  Thumb Area: 4

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